Ruche x Tifforelie Fashion Illustrations! - offbeat + inspired

Ruche x tifforelie “Ruchette” Fashion Illustration Prints!

Ruche x tifforelie "Ruchette" Fashion Illustration Prints! - offbeat + inspired

I have really exciting news that I’ve been holding in for what feels like a decade! I’ll skip to the end because I’m too antsy to drag it out! The lovely team over at Ruche reached out to me a few months ago about creating a small series of exclusive “Ruchette” fashion illustrations that they could sell as prints in their online shop. Obviously I said yes and those prints are now for sale!! To celebrate, we’re doing an Instagram giveaway where you can win one of the prints! Entry is easy. Just read through the caption on this IG post! You can also check out my feature on the Ruche blog here!

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Pecan Rooibos + Orange Soap Featured - offbeat + inspired

Pecan Rooibos + Orange Soap

Pecan Rooibos + Orange Soap 5 - offbeat + inspired

I’m one of those people who usually can’t think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. I have friends who have to hold themselves back from decking their house out with red and green before the end of October, but I always feel like I want Thanksgiving to have its chance in the spotlight.

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Vanilla Bean Latte Soap Recipe + A Video! - offbeat + inspired

Creativity, A Vanilla Bean Latte Soap Recipe + A Video!

Vanilla Bean Latte Soap Recipe + A Video! - offbeat + inspired

It’s been one of our missions here to share homemade soap recipes with tips and tricks on how to keep your cleansing routine natural and healthy. It’s fairly obvious that making your own soap comes with a slew of benefits in the way of skincare and overall wellness, but today I want to explain a little more about why this is something I love to do and not just a practical health choice.

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The Wake Up Bar | Don't Judge A Soap By Its Color - offbeat + inspired

The Wake-Up Bar | Don’t Judge A Soap By Its Color

The Wake-Up Bar | Don't Judge A Soap By Its Color - offbeat + inspired

Over the last few years, I’ve watched plenty of food documentaries and read dozens of articles devoted to the study of things we put into and onto our bodies every day. These videos and articles were what originally inspired me to make my own soap. I wanted to undo some of the brainwashing that had me convinced that my shampoo had to smell like candy in order to get my scalp clean, and that if a cupcake tasted like banana, it had to be yellow. As nonsensical as it sounds, the mindset runs deep!

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Orange Tea Tree Featured

Orange + Tea Tree Soap

Orange Tea Tree Soap 3

I have a hard time staying focused on one hobby at a time. I love dabbling in about 10 projects at once. I currently have soap curing, pallets in the garage waiting to become furniture, spray paint on hand for finishing my deck upcycle, and random ingredients (like Himalayan pink salt) in my pantry waiting to be featured in recipes I have yet to create.

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