A Day Around Nashville with UBER

A Day Around Nashville with UBER

I really love this city. I’ve lived in Nashville for about 4 years now and I can’t believe how short it’s been for all that’s happened in my life. Since I moved here, a lot of you guys have asked for my favorite spots around town, and I’ve never really shared them in one central location. SO, since I’m partnering with Uber again to continue their sweet Rider Stories campaign, I’m going to share a day in Nashville, morning to evening, ALL places that are most conveniently Uber’d to using their Scheduled Rides feature.

Most mornings, I’ll leave my house in search of a cozy spot to work, eat and drink coffee. After that, it’s meetings, lunch, more meetings, more work, and before I know it, it’s dinner/drinks time and I’ll end up abandoning my car overnight which I have to Uber back to the following day. When I know I’m going to have a long day like that, I start Ubering early. Ideally, I’d hit a pilates class first thing (in the name of health), so if any of you Nashies know of a good one, PLEASE SHARE! Alright, here’s the general routine of late:

A Day Around Nashville with UBER

1. Butcher & Bee (breakfast)

I sit at the bar and order scrambled eggs, bacon and an almond milk cappuccino. The service is WONDERFUL, the space is beautiful, the chef is a genius, and the bartenders are sweethearts. If I wasn’t gluten-intolerant, I’d also order a biscuit…it’s apparently the best in town. And later in the day, they have an INCREDIBLE Lambrusco.

A Day Around Nashville with UBER

A Day Around Nashville with UBER

A Day Around Nashville with UBER

2. Dose Cafe & Dram Bar (coffee, work, meetings)

I love them for the large tables up against the wall with lots of outlets, their giant gluten free chocolate chip cookies, and their almond milk cappuccinos. There’s LOTS of natural light here too, which I always need to be inspired and productive!

3. Burger Up East (lunch)

The Kale Salad. That is all. You’ll feel AMAZING.

4. Lulu (tea–who am I kidding? wine, work, meetings)

This spot is BEAUTIFUL. It’s bright, big, cozy, excellent service, they have great tea, coffee, wine, and a menu full of healthy options.

A Day Around Nashville with UBER

5. Cafe Roze (dinner and drinks)

THIS. Is my favorite. I saw this spot start popping up on Instagram last year and needed to check it out. When I went inside, one of the first things I saw was a stack of Jack’s Wife Freda Cookbooks on one of the shelves behind the bar. I flipped out. Jack’s Wife Freda is my favorite NYC restaurant. I quickly found out that Julia Jaksic, who opened Cafe Roze, was the chef at Jack’s Wife Freda and had recently relocated to Nashville to open her first VERY OWN restaurant. I met her, flipped out, probably scared her a little bit, but quickly adopted her as a sistor and now we hang/work/play whenever possible. It’s amazing. She’s amazing. I love her and her sweet cafe dearly. The FOOD is insane. You won’t be disappointed with anything you order. Lately I’ve been getting the Roze Bowl with Turmeric Egg and a glass of Frizzante. DREAM.

A Day Around Nashville with UBER

6. HOME. I Uber back to my cozy house in Woodbine, make fun of Bean the Cat and pass out with a Volcano Candle and Jónsi & Alex playing.

The best part about this day is I don’t have to worry about getting from place to place on time, finding parking, having a drink (or 3), any of it! Scheduling rides with Uber makes it happen seamlessly and most importantly, SAFELY. Plus, I get to nap, text and fix my makeup en route. Wondaful.

Will you be visiting Nashville any time soon? Have you been to any of my favorite spots? Tell me what your perfect Nashville day would be like!

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  1. I prefer ridesharing over having to drive places myself. It’s so much easier and less stressful to get from place to place. I loved seeing what your day looks around Nashville. These look like some great spots!


  2. Sara Allison says:

    I’ll have to mark these spots down! It’s been about a year since I’ve been back to Nashville, but I’m not far down the road (Memphis actually), so noting these in my “places to go”. With that being said, are all these typically on the same route, or are they scattered all over the city?

    – Sara

    • Tiffany | offbeat + inspired says:

      These are all in East Nashville and Germantown! Super close to each other, but far from my house which is why Ubering makes the most sense for me!! 💛💛💛

  3. That kale salad at BU is legit. Love this little walk thru the (mostly) east side!

  4. WOW. Those places look a-m-a-zing! I cannot wait to try them on our next trip up. I love that you said that their are good dairy alternatives at those cafes.

  5. Great post as usual, and beautiful photos! xx

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