Hosting a Sweet + Simple Gathering | with UBER

Hosting a Sweet + Simple Gathering | with UBER - tifforelie

Merry Christmas Eve!!! I’m so excited to be partnering with Uber again, this time to give you some ideas for hosting a sweet time with your closest! Around the holidays, I LIVE for these tiny get togethers with friends. Our schedules are so crazy and we all have family scattered across the country, so if there’s a chance for any of us to host dinner and/or drinks where we can all make it, we DO.

Hosting a Sweet + Simple Gathering | with UBER - tifforelie

My favorite part about these is that everyone contributes something. The host makes sure everything’s clean and purdy, the foodie brings a few snacks (or if it’s a dinner, something more elaborate that even more people can pitch in on), and whoever has the most fun throwing a cocktail together can have at it. Spreading out the typical hosting duties like that makes it so much less stressful, SO much more fun, and everyone gets to be creative. Typically it’s a good idea to guess at how much everything’s going to cost and ask everyone to pitch in beforehand.

Hosting a Sweet + Simple Gathering | with UBER - tifforelie

For this one, I worked with my dear friend and PHENOMENAL Chef, Julia Jacsik (of NYC’s Jack’s Wife Freda + Employees Only, and of Nashville’s Cafe Roze) who created two delicious appetizers, Nate (my man) made his signature boozy whiskey cocktail, and my loves Phil and Lia hosted us in their beautiful home. It was a blast, and AS ALWAYS, ended with a dance party. Oh yeah, make sure one of your guests covers the playlist!

Hosting a Sweet + Simple Gathering | with UBER - tifforelie

And last, but not least! Parting gifts. I LOVE the idea of giving Uber Gift Cards to all of your guests. This will encourage everyone to enjoy themselves thoroughly AND get home safely. Other small treasures that I’m loving right now are Peppermint Essential Oil Rollers (works wonders for hangover headaches and indigestion), travel candles (this one by Simply Curated is AH-MAZING), and fun matches.

Well I hope you guys have such a magnificent holiday!! I’ll be sharing more updates on my clean eating/healing journey soon! And I’d love to hear some of your simple hosting tips if you feel like sharing!! Let’s discuss!!

Hosting a Sweet + Simple Gathering | with UBER - tifforelie

This post was #sponsored by @Uber, but all opinions are 100% my own!! #whereto

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  1. Such a beautiful post! All the photos are gorgeous! And, indeed, gifting an Uber Gift card is a pretty clever idea! Happy Holidays love, stay safe & enjoy! xo

  2. Such a great/cute/un-ordinary parting gift idea! Love it. Happy 2018! 😊

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