Lavender-Honey Iced Latte

Lavender-Honey Iced Latte - offbeat + inspired-7

I’m a little obsessed with making flavor infused simple syrups (as evidenced by the excessive number of my recipes that include them in some form). The flavor combinations are endless and, in my opinion, it’s one of the easiest and most fun ways to add variety to drinks like iced tea, lemonade, cocktails and of course, coffee.

Lavender-Honey Iced Latte - offbeat + inspired-4

Lavender-Honey Iced Latte - offbeat + inspired-6

A few weeks ago when I was perusing around the local farmers’ market, I ended up buying a small lavender plant. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, and it was still a ways away from flowering – but I just had to add it to my herb garden. It has such a unique, sweet, comforting aroma and I couldn’t wait to use it in my kitchen.

There are so many incredible recipes that use lavender (like Lavender Shortbread Cookies or Rich Chocolate Lavender Cake) but I decided to pair it with honey and use it to flavor one of my favorite summertime drinks – an iced latte.

Lavender-Honey Iced Latte - offbeat + inspired

Lavender-Honey Iced Latte - offbeat + inspired-2

Lavender-Honey Iced Latte - offbeat + inspired-8

The absolute BEST way to make an iced latte is to use a cold brew coffee concentrate. When you use a concentrate, the coffee doesn’t get “lost” when you add the ice, milk and flavor shot – you still get the full flavor of the coffee to shine through. Cold brew coffee can easily be made with a Toddy Cold Brewer, but don’t worry if you don’t have one. I’ve written the instructions below so you can make it with a French Press or just a regular container and some cheesecloth.

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Are you a fan of lavender? What are your favorite ways to use it in the kitchen?

Lavender-Honey Iced Latte
Yields 1 beverage

1 1/2 to 2 tablespoons lavender-honey simple syrup (recipe below)
1/3 cup coffee concentrate (recipe below)
1/3 cup milk
1/3 cup ice

1. Add simple syrup to a glass.

2. Pour coffee concentrate and milk into the glass.

3. Add ice as desired.

4. Stir and enjoy!

Lavender-Honey Simple Syrup
Yields about 8-10 ounces

2 teaspoons fresh lavender flowers (if using dried, cut this to 1 teaspoon)
½ cup granulated sugar
½ cup water
½ cup honey

1. Add all ingredients to a small saucepan. Turn heat to low and stir until sugar dissolves.

2. Simmer an additional 5-7 minutes, or until syrup coats the back of a spoon. (While simmering, watch carefully so it doesn’t boil over or burn.) It will thicken a bit more when cooled.

3. Remove from heat and let cool. If you prefer a smooth drink, strain out the lavender. Allow syrup to cool completely before using.

Quick Tip: You can use this to flavor hot lattes, cocktails, lemonade or a myriad of other drinks in addition to the iced latte recipe above!

Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
Yields enough for approximately 4 iced lattes

1 cup coarsely ground coffee – I recommend FreshGround’s Market Blend or Papua New Guinea Water Process Decaf
4 cups cold water

1. Add coffee to a French Press. Pour the cold water over the grounds, ensuring that all of the grounds get wet.

2. Let steep overnight, or for 8-16 hours.

3. After coffee has steeped, use the plunger on the French Press to strain your coffee.

4. Pour brewed coffee concentrate into a container that can be covered and stored in your refrigerator. Discard the coffee grounds.

5. Coffee concentrate can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Quick Tip: If you don’t have a French Press, follow the same process except replace the press with another container. When the coffee has finished steeping, strain out coffee grounds using a couple layers of cheesecloth. You can also make a fantastic coffee concentrate using a Toddy Cold Brewer.

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  1. anoushka says:

    oh my gosh!!! lavender flavoured coffee! i am still a bit scared to try a cold brew at home but golly i’ve gotta know what lavender coffee tastes like!!!

  2. I just got a French press at a thrift store, so I think cold brew will definitely be on my weekend to do list!

  3. hi! im an Iranian girl. yesterday i saw your blog and now i love it. your blog is very nice. i wish you the best. bye!

  4. Even though I’m not a big fan of regular coffee, I love iced coffee. This looks really good!

  5. Such pretty pictures!

  6. Hi Sara! Can this be made with lavender essential oil? I use Young Living oils and can be ingested.

    • I’m sure you could use EOs. I use Young Living as well but haven’t actually tried making this with lavender EO. You may need to experiment a little bit with how much EO to use because it could come out really strong, but since they’re safe to be ingested, I don’t see why not!

  7. Christy Peeples DuBois says:

    I love ice coffee and I’ve been making it for years using the exact toddy. I’m sure others use the toddy but of all the different posts I’ve read on how to make ice coffee yours is the first to use the toddy. It has been one of my purchases that I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of and still have years of use from it.

  8. I made a batch of cold brew today and it’s waiting in my fridge for tomorrow along with a little bottle of lavender simple syrup! I cannot wait to try them in the morning. I did lick the spoon while I made the syrup, just to make sure it was awesomely delicious, and it was. Great recipes!

  9. Were we separated at birth or something because I love coffee, cold brewed od course, with milk like a latte, and homemade simple syrups infused with herbs/spices. I must check out your others! Pinned this lovely recipe. Thanks! 🙂

  10. Where should you store the simple syrup if you have left overs?

  11. Erica Lowery says:

    I made some and I LOVE THIS!!!! It’s delicious!

  12. Hi, just reading your lavendar honey post
    First, heating honey destroys all rhe beneficial enzymes so might ss well use sugar
    Second, if using honey why combine it with sugar?? Makes no sense!
    Please soend some time reading up on the use of honey in recipes

    • Hi Pam,
      Thanks so much for your feedback. The use of honey in this recipe is all about the flavor. I intentionally chose to have a more muted honey flavor by creating a simple syrup recipe that combines honey with regular sugar. That is my personal preference and yielded a balanced honey syrup flavor that I loved. You can, of course, adjust the recipe to fit your preferences and use only honey without heating it at all.

  13. Michelle says:

    Oh my goodness, I’m a huge fan of lattes and can not wait to try and make this and stop buying Starbucks every day! One question though, do you think one can make the syrup with other flowers (such as rose hips, chamomile, etc) or even herbs (like thyme, rosemary, mint, etc)?

  14. I freeze any coffee that is left over from my morning brew, & used the frozen coffee cubes instead of ice, no watering down

  15. Tammi Hake says:

    Sarah just cam across this recipe and it sounds like what I am looking for. Wanting to serve this to a small group of Highschool seniors. Would you be able to give me a recipe to follow in order to make a pitcher to serve with fancy donuts? Doing a bohemian senior photo shoot and think this would look pretty in pitcher garnished with lavender. Thanks for your time

  16. It’s amazing and now I’m trying it with agave instead of honey just bc I don’t have honey but I do have agave. So can’t wait to see what that tastes like!


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