Coffee + Vanilla Sugar Scrub

Coffee + Vanilla Sugar Scrub - offbeat + inspired 1

Can you believe it’s already November? Before you know it, Christmas will be here – which means if you’re anything like me, you have the best intentions of getting those gifts done early but will instead find yourself frantically shopping on Christmas Eve. Sound familiar?

Coffee + Vanilla Sugar Scrub - offbeat + inspired 2

Coffee + Vanilla Sugar Scrub - offbeat + inspired 3

In the last couple years, I’ve tried to step up my game a bit with handmade gifts – but soap takes 4-6 weeks to cure and my knitting needles can only move so fast. Most handmade gifts don’t lend themselves to my procrastination. Sometimes, I just need something that can be made simply and quickly – and if it uses items I already have on hand, even better. Enter Coffee + Vanilla Sugar Scrub.

Coffee + Vanilla Sugar Scrub - offbeat + inspired 4

Sugar scrubs are easy and inexpensive to make. And instead of the harsh chemicals that accompany many store-bought bath products, this recipe uses natural ingredients that are nourishing and refreshing for your skin.

Coffee + Vanilla Sugar Scrub - offbeat + inspired 5

Coffee + Vanilla Sugar Scrub - offbeat + inspired 6

Freshly roasted coffee, coconut oil and seeds from a whole vanilla pod make this scrub smell and feel luxurious – no fake fragrances or chemicals needed! Best of all, it’s a great gift that can be made ahead of time or at 3am on Christmas morning. You may just want to make 2 batches, because I promise you’ll want to keep some for yourself.

Coffee + Vanilla Sugar Scrub - offbeat + inspired 7

Coffee + Vanilla Sugar Scrub
Makes about 20 ounces of scrub

½ cup coconut oil
1 cup fine to medium ground coffee (I used FreshGround Roasting’s Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Medium Roast)
1 cup raw sugar*
1 tbsp olive oil
1 whole vanilla bean pod

1. Melt the coconut oil in the microwave (but make sure its not so hot that it melts the sugar when you mix them together).

2. Mix coconut oil with the coffee, sugar and olive oil.

3. Split the whole vanilla pod lengthwise and scrap out the beans into your sugar, coffee and oil mixture. Combine well.

4. Transfer scrub to jars for gifting. I split this batch into 2 smaller jars, cut the leftover vanilla bean pod in half and put a half into each gift jar for added fragrance.

*You can use regular granulated sugar, but I prefer raw sugar for scrubs because of its grainier texture. 

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  2. This does looks fabulous and I can’t think of two better fragrances. One question though, does it make you look like you’re showering in dirty water from the coffee and does the coffee granuales clog the pipes up? Thank you!

    • I haven’t had any issues with grounds clogging my drain. However, I’ve read that some people have put a coffee filter over the drain to catch the grounds as an extra precaution. As far as the dirty water look, when you rinse off the coffee, some of it will look brown as the grounds get wet but it has always rinsed off well for me. I honestly haven’t ever thought about it looking like dirty water – maybe because it just smells so good. :) I do make sure to rinse my shower well when I’m done so that there’s no coffee residue left in the shower. Hope that helps!

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  6. So you used fresh coffee grounds not used ones, correct? Just making sure because I seen a website that made soap with used coffee grounds. And I want to make sure I use the right ingredients for this.

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  9. This is wonderful! I’ve used coffee as a body scrub as well as a way to strip my hair after traveling overseas. However, this may be silly… but do you mainly use this as a body scrub or is it safe to use on your face as well?

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  11. Hello, this look awesome, do you recommend refrigerated or do something special for storage beside putting them in the jars??

    • I’ve left mine at room temperature and haven’t had any issues with it. If you refrigerate it, the coconut oil will harden, so you may want to take it out of the fridge a few minutes before using it so the coconut oil softens. I’ve kept mine in my bathroom closet and it has kept well. Hope that helps!

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