Orchard Style: Flannel + Plaid and a Giveaway with Duluth Trading Co.

Orchard Style: Flannel + Plaid [Featuring Duluth Trading Co.] - offbeat + inspired

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with flannel for a long time. I’ve always loved the rustic and cozy look you can pull together on a moment’s notice with a soft plaid button-up, a good pair of jeans and some leather boots. I’ve always hated that so many of the flannels I’ve tried over the years were either too flimsy, a poor fit, or just completely uncomfortable.

Duluth to the rescue…again. As I mentioned recently in my camera bag post, I met the lovely folks from Duluth Trading Company at this year’s Haven Conference. They had a booth set up with some fabulous leather goods and outerwear for my touching and drooling pleasure. I fell in love with their leather bags instantly, but was more reserved when it came to the flannels and jackets (as I’ve been hurt before…). I assumed that because Duluth’s focus is durability and comfort, the apparel may be lacking in style and fit. I figured the shirts would be boxy, the jackets would be shapeless, and while the materials would be of the highest quality, I expected them to fall flat as part of an outfit intended for going out rather than wood chopping or deer hunting. WRONG.

Orchard Style: Flannel + Plaid [Featuring Duluth Trading Co.] - offbeat + inspiredOrchard Style: Flannel + Plaid [Featuring Duluth Trading Co.] - offbeat + inspired

The 2 pieces I chose from the women’s outerwear lineup were the Flapjack Flannel Shirt Jacket in Dark Red/Black Plaid and the Free Swingin’ Flannel Shirt in Russet Red Plaid. They were shipped out quickly, and when they arrived I couldn’t wait to do the style and fit test. I tried them on with jeans, a variety of heels, with and without accessories, etc. It all worked perfectly. I was blown away by the fit, quality and comfort. I’ve never owned a shirt that I’d proudly wear to a dinner downtown AND to bed.

Orchard Style: Flannel + Plaid [Featuring Duluth Trading Co.] - offbeat + inspiredOrchard Style: Flannel + Plaid [Featuring Duluth Trading Co.] - offbeat + inspired

One problem I always have with button-ups in general is the length. The sleeves and torso are always too short. Not the case here. The torso fell comfortably and modestly just below the hips, and the sleeves hit right at the wrists, giving me the option to roll them or not. The soft fabric falls in such a flattering way too, even though it’s not a fitted top, which I love.

Now for the jacket. I’ll share the specs straight from Duluth’s website so you can get an idea for the quality of this thing:

  • Fuzzy-soft 8.3-oz. cotton flannel on the outside; 60 grams of lofty polyfill insulation inside
  • Underarm gussets and bi-swing back for extra reaching room
  • Speedy snap front and cuffs
  • Princess seams plus adjustable side tabs to nip in the waist
  • 6 pockets – 2 on the chest, 2 handwarmer side pockets, and 2 interior pockets with hook-and-loop closure
  • Slick 100% nylon taffeta lining goes on easy over under-layers
  • Shirttail Shammy™ gives you a clean sweep for your glasses, phone or camera lens
  • Machine wash
  • Imported

Let’s talk about “machine wash”. You know that moment of anxiety when you’re about to pull something from the dryer, wondering if you’re going to spend the next hour beating it back into shape with an iron? No such misery with these gems. Both the jacket and the shirt emerge wrinkle-free with no shrinkage. Sold.

This jacket is surprisingly flattering. I expected boxy, but it’s so soft that it felt like I’d been wearing it for years. Same deal with the shirt! The jacket’s side tabs really do cinch the waist just enough to give it some great shape. It’s thick, warm and everything you’d want in a casual fall jacket. And who doesn’t love that classic plaid print?

Orchard Style: Flannel + Plaid [Featuring Duluth Trading Co.] - offbeat + inspiredOrchard Style: Flannel + Plaid [Featuring Duluth Trading Co.] - offbeat + inspired

I usually don’t mix plaids like I did for this look, but I really loved the result. The big black and red checks contrast and complement the warm pumpkin tone of the shirt really well. I paired them with the 1969 skinny jeans from Gap and the Frye Patty Riding Boots in Camel to give the outfit a bit more structure and length.

Orchard Style: Flannel + Plaid [Featuring Duluth Trading Co.] - offbeat + inspiredOrchard Style: Flannel + Plaid [Featuring Duluth Trading Co.] - offbeat + inspired

This orchard visit was a little late in the season, so the trees had been picked clean and the ground was littered with apples. But the gorgeous golden hues, crunching leaves underfoot and some spiced hot apple cider made this the perfect day for a stroll with a small group of lovely friends (including my youngest sister, the photographer!) — and of course my trusty new flannels to bundle up with for our mini adventure. Also, I vote that we change the term from “outerwear” to “adventurewear”. High fives on that?

Orchard Style: Flannel + Plaid [Featuring Duluth Trading Co.] - offbeat + inspiredOrchard Style: Flannel + Plaid [Featuring Duluth Trading Co.] - offbeat + inspired

Autumn will always be my favorite season…

Orchard Style: Flannel + Plaid [Featuring Duluth Trading Co.] - offbeat + inspiredOrchard Style: Flannel + Plaid [Featuring Duluth Trading Co.] - offbeat + inspired

Giveaway time! Duluth Trading Company is giving one lucky reader a $50 gift card, good for anything on their entire site! The giveaway is open worldwide, and you must be 18 or older to participate. Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below!

Duluth Trading Co. provided me with the shirt and jacket to review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own! I test products thoroughly before writing about them, and I’ll only recommend something if I truly love it!

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  1. i would love the have the “WOMEN’S LIFETIME LEATHER MESSENGER BAG”

  2. I would probably have a hard time deciding on one of the bags!

  3. The coffee colored Souped Up Sweats. Working at home during the colder months means warm clothes that aren’t always professional. Not that it really matters, but I could at least don some nicer sweats!

  4. I would love the WOMEN’S LIFETIME LEATHER MESSENGER BAG. I’ve always loved leather bags.

  5. I want this bag! It’s such a versatile piece!

  6. Hannah Maple says:

    Gahh–I want! You look just gorgeous, as always!!

  7. Inês Silva says:

    I would most definetely choose between either the flannel shirts because i looove flannel or the Women’s Soho hat 😀

  8. Love everything!

  9. I’ve been looking at the Deluth site every now and then ever since I noticed their kooky ads on TV, but just like you, unsure about how things would fit. Those flannels look great, and I’ve been thinking about that leather bag ever since I read your last Deluth post!

    • Tiffany | offbeat + inspired says:

      Yayy! I’m so glad I could help out with that. The flannels and the leather bag TRULY are favorites of mine. I carry that bag with me absolutely everywhere, and even now as I’m traveling to Chicago, I’ve packed up my flannels to take with me. Can’t go wrong with these!!

  10. Ashley Bree Perez says:

    I would buy the bogs high rain boots♥ 🙂

  11. Sounds like they have really good stuff!

  12. I’d use the gift card towards a bag. 🙂

  13. I love the Women’s Heritage Ribbed shirt! It looks super comfy for all my upcoming holiday travel- roadtrip to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving, anyone? 🙂

  14. Great giveaway! Thank you!

  15. Elizabeth says:

    I have to say, fall is my favorite season. I love the feel of it. I love looking to see the green of the conifers left among the thinning branches of hardwoods. I have an odd love for the idea of lumberjacks when I stand so firmly in conservation. But I still love the cozy feeling that can only come from the warm clothing of fall. I would probably end up getting a chamois shirt.

  16. Um, HELLO gorgeous!! Love everything about this post!! I’m quite smitten with that free swingin’ flannel shirt!! I’d definitely get one of those!

  17. The Souped Up pullover looks so comfy! Perfect for cozy fall evenings inside with apple cider!

  18. I love love love a good flannel shirt that doesn’t shrink up and is made to endure lots of wear. Duluth’s Russet Red Plaid is probably one of my favorite color combos they have although the Emerald Green is a close second. Thanks for sharing this!

  19. I want the leather bag so I can use it as a camera bag too!!!

  20. Ooh, what a cute jacket! I’d either use the gift card for one of those or a bag.

  21. Love your style! Hope I win 😉

  22. Wow…way too many choices! I’d probably end up grabbing the Wild Boar oiled leather mocs as a Christmas present for the hubs.

  23. I REALLY want that camera bag you have. It’s a beauty!

  24. Rhonda R. says:

    I want the crosscut flannet shirt in GREEN!! Too cuuuuuuute!!

  25. There are so many great options! I’d love a leather bag or maybe some flannel…COZY!

  26. I spent two hours in the mall Saturday looking for the perfect flannel shirt…of course I came out empty handed…Duluth might be just what I’ve been looking for. I only wish the flannel shirt came in that buffalo plaid 🙂 Great posts thanks for the review!

    • Tiffany | offbeat + inspired says:

      Oh yes. I know the situation all too well. I’ve left many a mall empty handed after a failed flannel hunt. I believe your search has ended!! 🙂 I’m so glad you like the post and it’s my pleasure!! 🙂

  27. I’d use the gift card towards a leather bag

  28. This looks so comfortable and warm, just what you want on a cool fall evening.

  29. Jana Sterling Graber says:

    Love the women’s flapjack flannel shirt jac. Esp the way you wear it. Live the pattern mixing! And your hair!

  30. I absolutely love both those items! I am always on the hunt for plaid shirts that fit women well, so I’m definitely going to check out Duluth. Thanks for a great review!

  31. I’m totally in love with the Russet Red Plaid Women’s Free Swingin’ Flannel Shirt and the Dusty Blue Plaid Women’s Flapjack Flannel Shirt Jac. Such cute plaid combinations!

  32. I’m in love with the Women’s Lifetime Leather Medium Sling Bag, and I like the Women’s Crosscut Flannel Shirt. And also love your hair in the photos above, too!

  33. I would love a soft, cozy flannel! I always have a hard time finding a flattering fit! I also love the double plaid, I never would have thought of this, but the contrasting sizes and colors make it work!

  34. Thanks bunches for the chance! I think I’d have to go with a Henley or a sweatshirt. Perfect for walking the beach here on the NJ Shore.

    Xo Jenny

  35. Love how you’ve styled the two together. I completely know what you mean about love/hate with flannels. The quality ones are boxy and the stylie ones are poorly made. These look like they win on both accounts.

  36. Blessie Nelson says:

    I would love the Women’s Leather Wild Boar Boots to go hiking in the autumn trails we have here in the fall!

  37. Jessica Martin says:

    “They had a booth set up with some fabulous leather goods and outerwear for my touching and drooling pleasure.” When I read this I knew you shared my love! How can you not fall in love with Duluth bags!

  38. It’s so hard to pick one thing – I really love those flannel shirts and leather bags! I love that these products are durable! I am frustrated with women’s clothes – cute and fashionable yet fall apart within months!! Good stuff here.

  39. The flannel shirts look cozy and classic!

  40. Stephanie Ann says:

    i love the Women’s Souped-Up Sweatpants! in fall i love to have bonfires with friends

  41. I have been looking for a NICE women’s flannel shirt all fall! Thank you, you just ended my search for me.

  42. any of the mocs!

  43. Katherine Ryan says:

    I’d grab the Women’s Double Soft Hoodie 🙂 It’s Spring here, but I’d put it away for Autumn adventures next year

  44. ne-knopka says:

    I like the Women’s Free Swingin’ Flannel Shirt

  45. Eggplant plaid flannel shirt! love it

  46. I need a new pair of shoes or a new sweater this year 🙂 thanks for this!!!

  47. Wow. I really love the mix of patterns and colors in that outfit. I would have never considered mixing plaids but it sure is pretty. I hope to try Duluth myself, as I have been searching for a brand that would offer the quality and comfort that I am looking for. Seems like Duluth trading co. Might be the answer!

  48. I would get the Long Sleeve Crosscut Flannel Tunic – looks cozy and quick throw-together outfit with some skinnies!

  49. Love the editing on these photos. And the light – gorgeous.

  50. I loved all the flannel items on the website, but I think I would have to go with their leather goods if I won the gift card. The gift card would go toward the womens lifetime leather messenger bag. Gorgeous and functional!

  51. STEPHANIE says:

    i would get the exact same coat! so beautiful & cozy! i want!

  52. Jennifer H. says:

    Women’s Longtail T 3/4 Sleeve Henley – Marroon

  53. Long sleeved shirt

  54. Love Duluth, they have great long tail t-shirts

  55. Kara Jean says:

    Urgh, such a good luck for you! I love it.

  56. Vanessa Kuehne says:

    I would love to buy the bag you posted about!! Been needing a new everyday/camera bag!

  57. Kelly Hiatt says:

    I want that convertible messenger bag sooooo much!! Obsessed haha 🙂

  58. Love Duluth’s high quality and super warm flannel, as well as the array of vibrant colors. Love the camera bag, thinking it may be a great option for an upcoming trip!

  59. Love a cozy, well-made flannel!

  60. I came across this while researching the shirt jac. I am not sure whether I should purchase i or not as I am a very petite gal, 5’0 110lbs. I was curious what size you were wearing in these photos? Thanks!

    • Tiffany | offbeat + inspired says:

      I’m wearing a size Small! Unfortunately, they don’t make one smaller to my knowledge…it is a bit of an “oversized” fit, which can be cute!! But if you’re looking for something more fitted, this one might not work. :/

      • Which size in the free swinging flannel are you wearing? Trying to do online sizing as well! Can be difficult both are super cute!! Also how tall are you and size wise?

        • Tiffany | offbeat + inspired says:

          I’m wearing a Small here! But now they carry Extra Small which fits me even better! I’m 5’9 and a XS or S in most tops, depending on how they run!

  61. i love the red one!casual style,big love.im also a flannels fan.lol



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