Clean Eating | Peach-Banana Smoothie Popsicles

Clean Eating | Peach Banana Smoothies - offbeat + inspired

I typically do a decent job eating “clean” when it comes to actual meals. My downfall? Snacks. I absolutely love snacking in between meals and I’ll admit that some of my food choices are not always the greatest.

Clean Eating | Peach Banana Smoothies - offbeat + inspired

They say that eating many small meals a day is actually better for you than eating 3 large meals each day. (I’m not sure who “they” refers to, but let’s just assume they know what they’re talking about.) I love the idea of more meals, except when it comes to determining what those additional meals actually are. Apparently, nachos, ice cream and french fries don’t make the cut.

Clean Eating | Peach Banana Smoothies - offbeat + inspired

 My clean eating journey as of late has required me to solve my snacking problem. While I have yet to find a “clean” replacement for my nacho obsession, these simple Peach-Banana Smoothie Popsicles have helped definitely helped satisfy my sweet tooth. I love eating smoothies for breakfast, so I decided to freeze a simple fruit and yogurt smoothie concoction into a popsicle.

Clean Eating | Peach Banana Smoothies - offbeat + inspired

Make this recipe with fresh fruit and Chobani non-fat plain Greek yogurt and you’ve got a sweet, creamy and clean alternative to more processed desserts and snacks. You can even grab one of these popsicles in the morning for a quick and nutritious addition to your breakfast!

Clean Eating | Peach Banana Smoothies - offbeat + inspired

Looking for other clean eating snack ideas? Try our favorite hot-weather treats like a Mango-Banana Smoothie, Cocoa Banana Almond Smoothie or Cocoa Banana Almond “Ice Cream”.

Clean Eating | Peach Banana Smoothies - offbeat + inspired

Do you have any favorite healthy snacks? We’d love for you to share your clean eating ideas in the comments section!

Peach-Banana Smoothie Popsicles
Makes about 10 3oz popsicles, 68 calories each

3 medium ripe peaches, pitted and quartered (I leave the peel on)
1 medium banana
1 cup Chobani non-fat plain Greek yogurt
1/2 cup 1% lowfat milk
3 tbsp honey
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp ground allspice

1. Mix all ingredients together in a blender until smooth.

2. Pour into popsicle molds and freeze. If you don’t have popsicle molds, you can freeze the mixture in ice cube trays or small paper cups. When your smoothie mixture is slightly frozen, just stick a plastic spoon or wooden popsicle stick in each serving and continue to freeze.

3. Remove popsicles from their mold. Serve and enjoy!

Quick Tip: For a last minute smoothie when you’re on the go, freeze the popsicle mixture in ice cube trays and then transfer “smoothie cubes” to a sealed freezer bag. When you want a smoothie, just add the desired amount of frozen smoothie cubes to a blender, blend and enjoy! (If your smoothie cubes are frozen solid, you may need to melt them just the slightest bit so they’ll blend well.)

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  1. What a wonderful idea! And to think I have homemade greek yogurt sitting in my fridge right now because no one wants to eat it! I’ll just see what fruit we have on hand (fresh or the freezer) and make up a batch of popsicles! A snack I won’t feel bad about letting our boys eat after cross country or tennis practice or an afternoon of swimming (or an afternoon spent vegging out in front of a game system!)

    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Such a great idea! I’ve been making smoothies almost every day but tend to have some leftover. This is a fun idea to make an easy snack!

  3. It sounds really yummy and I’m glad that it’s creamy, as I’ve tried a lot of recipes like this and it comes out all icey and nothing like the picture!

  4. Oh my yum! These look amazing. And so light and nutritious. Love this!

  5. Irma Santana says:

    God, i thought I was looking in the mirror reading what you wrote about clean eating then losing it over snacks! I’m 125lbs but the paunch is here to stay! Errr! And ice cream any season always wins, pooo. So, i’ll try your smoothie iced treats! Thanx!you rock!

  6. Michelle says:

    At our house we call these ” Mommy Popsicles.” I was unhappy with my choices at the grocery store and started making my own with a combo of raspberries, strawberries, banana, peaches, yogurt and orange juice. My kids don’t like blueberries in them, skin. My friend sneaks spinach leaves in her’s but mine caught on to the green and rejected them.

    • Thanks for sharing your flavor combos! I’ll definitely have to try some with raspberries and strawberries – sounds delicious! Hmm…maybe I’ll have to try out sneaking some spinach in, too. I wonder if there are some darker fruits that could cover up the green color when you blend it-like blackberries maybe? You’ve inspired me to try out even more combinations!

  7. Can you use soy milk in these instead of regular milk?

  8. This looks amazing! Where did you get your Popsicle mold?


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