Clean Eating | Cocoa Banana Almond Dairy Free “Ice Cream”

Clean Eating | Cocoa Banana Almond Dairy Free "Ice Cream" - offbeat + inspired

The transition from regular eating to clean eating was pretty rocky for me. My main issue in the beginning was that health food tasted like cardboard compared to everything I actually enjoyed. The problem, I came to realize, was that I didn’t know enough about how to use whole food flavors in my recipes, and that clean eating didn’t mean no longer utilizing my tastebuds.

Clean Eating | Cocoa Banana Almond Dairy Free "Ice Cream" - offbeat + inspired

The more recipe research I did and the more I experimented in the kitchen, the more I realized that a lot of the flavors I loved so much had all-natural dupes. For instance, ice cream was a MAJOR weakness of mine. When I switched to clean eating, I assumed the only ice cream I’d have would be for special occasions or midnight cheat sessions. Imagine my surprise when I threw a frozen banana, some cocoa powder and a little bit of almond milk into the blender and was rewarded with a sweet, creamy, chocolatey soft serve that truly belongs on the menu at [insert favorite creamery here].

Clean Eating | Cocoa Banana Almond Dairy Free "Ice Cream" - offbeat + inspired

The wonderful world of natural flavors is vast and intriguing. I keep finding new ways to truly savor my meals, snacks, beverages and desserts without breaking the calorie or sugar bank.

Clean Eating | Cocoa Banana Almond Dairy Free "Ice Cream" - offbeat + inspired

If you’re new to clean eating, take heart! It’s overwhelming to have to “start from scratch” when it comes to your daily eats, but the options are there if you look for them! In the mood for cake and cookies? Try these lemon almond butter cookies. In the mood for a heaping plate of pasta? Try quinoa pilaf with balsamic roasted kabocha squash! Feel like a milkshake? Have a delicious mango banana smoothie instead. Craving ice cream on a hot summer day? Ditch the heavy cream, eggs and sugar, and make your own with a frozen banana!

Clean Eating | Cocoa Banana Almond Dairy Free "Ice Cream" - offbeat + inspired

I haven’t completely dumped my guilty pleasure foods, but they certainly take up a lot less of my routine. I find that keeping tabs on a balanced diet is way more effective than trying to completely ban certain things. When a craving strikes, it’s much easier to handle it responsibly if you don’t have the added pressure of a signed contract with the health food police.

I hope you give this ridiculously easy recipe a try! Have you been eating clean? I’d love to hear about your health food journey and the foods/recipes you’re loving right now!

Cocoa Banana Almond Dairy Free “Ice Cream”
Yields 1 serving (135 calories)

1 frozen banana (cut in half)
1 tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder
1/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Combine everything in a blender or food processor, and blend until smooth. Enjoy!

Quick Tip 1: To freeze my bananas, I wait for them to brown and then I cut them in half and seal each pair of halves in snack-sized zip top baggies and store them in the freezer door. This way they’re already divided into single servings, and I can toss them right into the blender the minute I need them.

Quick Tip 2: When I’m eating a single serving of this “ice cream”, I like to use a tiny spoon so it lasts longer. Maybe I’m crazy, but it makes me feel like I’m getting more, and tiny spoons are just more fun! Try this set of 4 espresso spoons from Williams Sonoma ($13)!

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  1. This looks great! Especially because my husband is allergic to milk. Are you eating peanut butter, because we had a recipe similar to this last year that we ate a lot: frozen bananas, chocolate chips, and peanut butter. Thank you for sharing!! I will have to try this for my husband soon.

    • Tiffany | offbeat + inspired says:

      Almond milk is such a God-send for those with milk allergies! And yes, I LOVE peanut butter (…a little too much). That sounds wonderful, I’m definitely giving it a try! 🙂

  2. Looks so delicious! I love coconut anything, so this is a win in my book 🙂 A Jewish family I once knew made kosher non-dairy bananas foster, and it was the best dessert I’ve ever eaten. Definitely have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing!


    • Tiffany | offbeat + inspired says:

      Thank you!! And oh my, kosher non-dairy bananas foster sounds AMAZING! That’s a recipe I would love to try out!! Do you happen to have it? 😉

  3. This is a total go to for Aaron and I. And different variations keep it fun. : ) guilt free and refreshing!

    Love from the NJ Shore,

  4. This looks crazy good!

  5. it was more like a smoothie for me


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