Orange + Tea Tree Soap

Orange Tea Tree Soap 3

I have a hard time staying focused on one hobby at a time. I love dabbling in about 10 projects at once. I currently have soap curing, pallets in the garage waiting to become furniture, spray paint on hand for finishing my deck upcycle, and random ingredients (like Himalayan pink salt) in my pantry waiting to be featured in recipes I have yet to create.

Orange Tea Tree Soap 1

That may make me sound a lot more productive than I actually am. While I have the supplies to make all those ideas come to fruition, I have a bad habit of getting something 75% done and then taking months (if not years) to complete it.

Orange Tea Tree Soap 4

Soap making has been the perfect hobby for someone like me who lacks creative tunnel vision. Once I got the hang of it, I found that it didn’t take much time to make one batch, and when finished, I could leave my supplies alone until I got the next recipe idea. Supplies don’t take up much room, I can finish other projects while the soap cures, and I can formulate recipes based on what inspires me in the moment.

Orange Tea Tree Soap 2

My latest inspiration was orange and tea tree oil. The combination of those two essential oils creates a revitalizing scent that’s perfect for summer, and tea tree oil has antiseptic and acne treating qualities to help keep your skin clean and refreshed.

Do you dabble in lots of different hobbies simultaneously, or do you prefer to focus on one or two things at a time?

Orange + Tea Tree Soap
Makes about 16 4 ounce bars of soap

For the full cold process soap making instructions, check out Tiffany’s beginner’s soap making tutorial.

Base Oils
21.25 oz. olive oil (48.30%)
15.5 oz. coconut oil (35.23%)
4.25 oz. sunflower oil (9.66%)
3 oz. walnut oil (6.82%)

Lye Solution
11.75 oz. water
6.25 oz. lye

Essential Oils
2 oz. orange essential oil
.5 oz. tea tree essential oil

Follow Tiffany’s soap making instructions here. As always, remember to let your soaps cure for 4-6 weeks before using or gifting.

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  1. recipes just make such craftwork look like anyone can try. your pictures are beautiful! I should give this a shot soon 🙂 I do get caught up in a particular set of baking goods every now and then (there’d be a period of muffins and pound cakes)

  2. I’ve been thinking about soap making! I’ve recently fallen in love with coconut oil so this recipe sounds great!


  3. I love this idea! I remember reading once that orange EO gets eaten up in cold process unless you mix it with something else as a stabilizer. Did the orange scent survive the lye? I’d love to try this!

    • So glad you like the recipe! I haven’t had any issues using my orange EO, but I’ll have to research a bit more to prevent any issues for future recipes! I hope you try this and please let me know what you think!

  4. Orange EO seems to stick much better if it’s used with something else. The ‘something else’ seems to act as an anchor – clove, for example, seems to enhance the orange. I’ve also read of cornflour being used to fix the scent, and clay, too.

  5. I made soap from one of your recipes last year, gave it away as Christmas gifts and it was a hit! I’m so excited to see more recipes now! I think I’m going to make this one today. Might even make two batches and do the lime and coconut one too. mmmmm.

  6. I would like to know where you got the burlap for wrapping your soaps

  7. I have heard that citrus eo’s can turn your skin dark (and not in a good tan way!). Have you ever heard this, or had any issues with this? I love this recipe idea, but don’t want to give a gift that could turn someone’s skin! I’ve seen lots of recipes with citrus eo’s- does something in the saponification process change the eo so that doesn’t happen?

    • I haven’t personally had an issues with this at all. I’ve done several recipes with citrus EO and haven’t had any skin darkening. My suggestion would definitely be to make sure you’re using good quality essential oils. Happy soaping!

      • This would be citrus oils on the skin when exposed to suns uv rays, soap is washed off so this wouldn’t be an issue. Also the Orange oil is quite diluted with the other ingredients. A higher concentration in say a lip balm could be an issue.

    • This is great, That’s a great website, it really is what I was looking for, thank you for sharing!

  8. Lovely! I am a great fan of tea tree oil soaps, it makes perfect as well as healthy addition to your personal care regime. 🙂

  9. What is something to use in place on the walnut oil

  10. Hi, I have had This recipe (orange & teatree soap) sitting on my desk top for ages and been wanting to make it. Would you be able to convert it into gms for me. Love your page.

  11. lol! oh my gosh Sarah you made me laugh so much when you described how you are as a crafter (buying all the supplies, starting projects and taking forever to finish) i’m the same way!!! i just made my first CP soap yesterday and the essential oils i used were tangerine (they didn’t have orange), tea tree and geranium. also the recipe called for shea butter but i used cocoa butter instead. my soap totally smells like chocolate/orange! i had a question regarding the addition of real chocolate to your soap, doesnt it make it sticky?
    thanks for all the great inspiration and tutorials!

  12. It was as if I was reading my own blog post. But it was not me because I actually have not finished anything in years. I have too many things started and not yet finished and new things I bought supplies for to do. This season though, I want to make natural and awesome products for my friends, loved ones and for me. I really hope I get through this goal of projects and in time for Christmas gifting! 4 – 6 weeks to cure. That means I have to start this week!

    • Glad to hear that I’m not the only one who has a problem cultivating one hobby at a time! 🙂 Hope you enjoy getting into making natural products! Soapmaking is definitely one hobby that I’ve kept up for a few years now. I can’t go back to storebought! Happy soaping!

  13. I just made this tonight. I hope it turns out well. My dad love tea tree oil, so that’s all I used.

  14. When I read the first paragraph, I smiled. It was as if I was reading my own diary but I dont own one btw. I have halfway done projects too. An ikea cabinet that is halfway painted, red, like the post box. A wire chandelier a quarter done. Soap stuff left on the cabinets.. 🙂

  15. So can this recipe be done in the crockpot as well?

  16. Wow! This is a simple and nice soap recipe . I am an acne prone person and this kind of soap is the best for those who have acne like me. Hope i could make soap like this soon..

  17. I love it.. going to try it. I’m so excited to make this easy soap Recipe

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