Simple Upcycled Hanging Planter

Simple Upcycled Hanging Planter - offbeat + inspired

As satisfying as it is to complete large scale DIY projects, sometimes simple and quick improvements are just what’s needed to transform the look of a space. This inexpensive container was left over from last season and I knew it would be an easy way to add a great pop of color to the rest of my deck. The best part? It took me less than 30 minutes of active time to finish this project!

Hanging Pot - Before

1. I started off by cleaning and drying the planter. Then I painted the entire piece with Rust-Oleum’s Paint Plus 2x Satin Spray Paint in Aubergine. This paint adheres to nearly any surface and the color perfectly complements the rest of my crazy color choices for my deck upcycle projects.

2. Once the paint dried, I decided to add a simple black and white design – and chalkboard paint was a quick way to do just that. As you can see on the “before” picture above, there’s a textured area on the top of the pot. I used two coats of DecoArt’s Americana Chalkboard Paint to cover that section.

Unfinished Planter

3. I knew that if I tried to write words, it probably wouldn’t turn out well due to the unevenness of the chalkboard area (and I have terrible handwriting). Instead, I simply rubbed chalk over the textured stripe. Fortunately, since there’s an overhang on my deck, the pot stays relatively dry when it rains and the chalk doesn’t get washed off (even if some does come off, it only takes a few seconds to reapply the design).

Hanging Plant Flowers

4. Lastly, I added potting soil and a few pansies to the planter and hung it up on my deck. The yellow and purple flowers perfectly complemented the aubergine spray paint.

Hanging Flowers 1

Have you done any simple upcycle projects with spray paint or chalkboard paint? We’d love to hear your DIY ideas in the comments below!

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  1. This is really cute! Such a great idea!


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