Adventuring | A Walk On The Beach

Beach 3

There’s something intensely beautiful to me about the ocean. The vastness, the power, the unknown that exists in the midst of those waves – if anything it reminds me how small and frail I am. With one crash, a wave can take me down. Yet there’s incredible beauty and magnificence in that ocean. There’s beauty in something that’s far bigger than me.

Beach 11

This past weekend I was in the Portsmouth, New Hampshire area for a work event. We had an afternoon to ourselves and my team decided to take a drive down to the beach – and we all agreed it was time extremely well spent.

Beach 16

There’s something about taking a walk on the beach that’s simply good for the soul. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of countless trips over the  years, going down the shore with friends and family. Maybe it’s because the beauty and grandeur of the ocean causes me to simply be in awe of creation. Maybe it’s because I can finally be in a place where I can be quiet. In the noise of the waves, the birds singing, a few scattered people talking and the click of my camera, it’s calm – and that soothes my soul.

Beach 15

How can something so powerful be comforting? Why do I spend summers relaxing near these waves that can easily take me down? Why in the midst of the noises of the beach am I finally able to truly be quiet?

Beach 17

Now I’m back home. Part of me wishes I could have spent much more time on that beach than just an afternoon. Yet despite having only a short visit, I’m thankful for this weekend’s God-given reminders that there is rest in the midst of the waves and comfort in knowing there is something much bigger than me.

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