Chicago Trip & Guest-ifying Your Home

I’m so excited to be in Chicago visiting Sarah and her hubby for the first time since we started the blog!  We’re looking forward to doing lots of blog-worthy activities on this little weekend trip.  Today we’ve got an open house for FreshGround Roasting, tonight we’ll be eating at Maya Del Sol (their favorite restaurant), tomorrow we’ve got an open house here at Sarah’s, and in between we’ll be doing lots of exploring and picture taking!

I wanted to do this quick post because when we got in last night and Sarah showed us to our guest room, I squealed with delight when I saw the “guest table”.  The guest table was a little refinished dresser stocked with a bottle of water, 2 glasses and a basket of essentials.  Sarah said she got the idea from a recent trip to our house, where I had bottled water and some snacks on the nightstand in their room.  I got the idea from an article I read about how to make guests feel more at home.

The article talked about how if you have food and drink in the guest room, your guests will feel more at ease by not having to make requests if they need something.

CAUTION: possibly awkward topic ahead!  The article also covered how to make the bathroom more comfortable, since bathrooms can be pretty uncomfortable especially if you’re staying at someone’s house for the first time.  Setting out some candles and matches really helps.  Lighting a match does wonders if you want to avoid letting everyone know that you actually didn’t just need to wash your hands.  Also, having reading materials is a good idea.  I definitely have bathroom awkwardness at other people’s houses, but if they have candles, matches and stuff to read, it really does help!  Seeing some magazines or books set out makes you feel like you’re welcome to set up camp if you need to.

Welp!  Now you’re ready to pamper your guests and rid them of (almost) all discomforts while staying at your humble abode!

Do you have any tips for making house guests more comfortable?

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  1. The guest room basket is such a good idea, i never would have thought of that!

  2. NicoleLisa says:

    I absolutely love your ideas for guest-ifying your house. This post has been bookmarked for future reference.

  3. Love, love the idea of the cute basket in the bathroom with all those goodies.
    I had to laugh….I always bring matches and candles when I travel.

  4. I also turn down the beds at night and put a mint or a chocolate on the pillow!

  5. Great tips, thank you for sharing! Especially the awkward ones. 🙂

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