An Inspiring Home

An inspiring environment breeds creativity.  I realized this for the first time fresh out of high school when I decided to redo my bedroom.  Picking out paint colors, carpet textures, a bed set and some new furniture was so exciting.  Once the room came together I felt so cozy and motivated to create.  I started to draw more, I started to get into crafting more – my life just felt more organized and productive.  Ever since then, it’s been my goal to curate an inspiring space wherever I live.

My tastes definitely drift and change at times, but I’d say my overall style is clean, bright, rustic, vintage and natural.  I love the rough textures and warm tones of reclaimed wood paired with whitewashed walls and brightly painted pottery.  I love chipped and worn wrought iron chairs with a ruffled floral vintage apron draped over the back.  I love quirky little gadgets like misfit toys that have found a home on my shelf.

I love spaces where the beauty is in the details.  I mentioned in my first fall fashion post that I love when a room feels like a worn out blank canvas dotted with colorful treasures.  This is the theme I live by.

Repurposing old things is an inspiration in and of itself.  Most of our little treasures have been homemade, have come from thrift shops, flea markets or even the side of the road.  I can’t tell you how many great things we’ve found on the curb next to someone’s trash cans!  The idea of giving new life to ANYTHING is an inspiration!

If you’re looking to redo your space and you’re not quite sure which direction to go, I’d say just stop and think about what inspires you most.  I could have browsed interior decorating blogs and researched design trends until I was blue in the face, but without a solid idea of what uniquely inspires me, these would have resulted in a series of rooms instead of an inspiring home.

What type of setting inspires you most?

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  1. I love your style! It is so fresh and playful at the same time and it definitely strikes a chord with me! I love the shelving you have your kitchenwares on: my husband made some that looks like that from some reclaimed wood and we love how it effortlessly adds a rustic touch to our kitchen.
    As for me, I also enjoy simple and clean with quirky touches here and there. I love unusual art framed on walls… stuff you wouldn’t think of framing, but that add texture and whimsy to the room. I also believe in only having stuff I love around me (which is not always simple, unfortunately).
    I’ve been reading your blog ever since I stumbled upon your cold-process soap tutorial (I swear I’ll try that one of these days). Thanks for the inspiration and gorgeous photography!

    • Aww thank you for this comment!! I’m so glad you enjoy this style too and that you’ve been liking the blog! My walls are completely blank right now, except for that tiny little mirror above the breakfast table and a small painting above the fireplace. I’ve been wanting to hang some framed art or throw something crazy together. Open to all suggestions! 😀

  2. Bobbi-Jean says:

    I love this! Thanks so much for insight into your creative mind. I just redid my room for the first time ever (walls turned out pink…ehhh…long story) and I wasn’t really sure what I wanted until now. I love the “blank canvas splashed with color and patterns” look as well. Thank you for sharing your sweet and creative heart with fellow creators.

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