Healthy Cocoa Banana Almond Smoothie

I don’t actually remember buying a truckload of bananas, but I keep finding more in the fruit bowl. What to do with a mysteriously never-ending supply of bananas? I already did bread so I considered doing cake, cookies or muffins, but I was in the mood for something quick. I decided to throw together a simple and healthy smoothie!

This would have taken me a total of 5 minutes if my blender didn’t decide to stop working. Thank goodness we keep a backup! You never know when you’re gonna have a blending emergency…

I like to use almond milk in smoothies but you can use regular milk if you prefer. I absolutely love Almond Breeze or Trader Joe’s brand almond milk. The only kind I haven’t liked so far is Silk because it’s a bit thick for my taste. If you haven’t tried almond milk, you should! It’s really yummy (if you like almonds), dairy free and nutritious!

Concocting smoothie recipes is so fun because you pretty much just throw stuff into the blender until you get a result you like. I figured adding cocoa to anything makes it better, and let’s be honest – cocoa and banana?  Yes please!  I like using unsweetened cocoa powder, but you can really use any kind you want.

Stay tuned for more banana recipes! I’ve got plenty of bananas left, and I seriously think they’re multiplying.

Cocoa Banana Almond Smoothie
Makes three 8 oz. servings (103 calories per serving)

1.5 cups ice
1.5 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk
2 very ripe bananas (if your bananas aren’t very ripe with lots of brown on the peel, you may need to add some sugar to get your desired sweetness)
2 tbsp cocoa powder (feel free to add more if you like it more chocolatey!)

Throw all the ingredients into a blender and blend to your desired consistency.

Pour into 8 oz. glasses or jars and enjoy!

Are you an almond milk lover? What kind of milk do you like?

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  1. I love the Trader Joe’s brand too! I’ve been using a bit in my mason jar oatmeal! PS – where did you get those cute straws?!

      • Absolutely! I split the banana in half (hubs doesn’t like ‘em) and put one half in the freezer for the morning. Didn’t take me 5 minutes to finish it off! It’s extra good because I’ve been trying to avoid chocolate bars and such, AND I have been having leg cramps at night. Super chocolate AND extra potassium! I forgot to mention, I also love Almond milk. Yum!

  2. LOVE almond milk. Brew 1 cup of tea with a Lipton Chai Tea bag, add 1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk (30 calories), add 2 packets of Stevia or a little honey = 2 tasty cups of Chai Tea Latte.

  3. If you’re not making your own almond milk, you’re missing all the flavor. It’s so easy. In a blender, whir 1 c. raw almonds in 4 c. water, add about 1 Tbsp. agave nectar and 1 tsp. vanilla. Then, drain it through a mesh bag and it’s OMG good. I have smoothie made from homemade almond milk, a frozen banana and a handful of freeze dried strawberries (Trader Joe’s carries them) every morning…it’s like having the BEST milk shake you ever tasted.

  4. I just found this on Pinterest. I love almond milk, it’s the only kind I drink. I make home made hot cocoa for breakfast every morning, and the almond milk gives it the best flavor! I’ll try this, it’s right up my alley!

  5. When I have left over ripe bananas that aren’t being eaten, I put them in the freezer to be used in smoothies/protein drinks. You don’t have to add as many ice cubes which can some times dilute the yummy taste! Making the coco banana almond recipe for breakfast now! :)

    • Yes! I do that too sometimes but more often I get a craving for a smoothie and THEN realize the bananas have expired and end up tossing them in at room temp, but if you have the chance to plan ahead, freezing them is an awesome idea!! Thank you for sharing! :D

  6. I made with vanilla almond milk (about one cup or more), one big banana and dark hershey’s syrup!! Yummy. Next time I will try ice or frozen banana :) Thank you for sharing!!

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  9. I actually prefer using Coconut Milk…I haven’t quite liked any Almond Milks I’ve tried. SoDelicious makes a really yummy unsweetened Coconut Milk. So any recipes that call for milk or Almond Milk I simply use Coconut Milk instead. It doesn’t taste like coconut either.

  10. This sounds very yummie…you can find these straws (in other colors as well) at Whole Foods. I love the red ones!

    • Thank you! The red ones are great! I ordered the gray and red on Amazon but I’ll have to check Whole Foods for more! :)

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  12. Is their any way i could get a break down of the calorie count i see it says 103 but for health reasons i need fiber, carbs, protein, fats as well. Ty so much hope i can get this info

    • Hi there! Sure! I gathered what info I could about the 3 calorie-carrying ingredients in this recipe: almond milk, bananas and cocoa powder. Here’s the breakdown for the entire recipe (you should divide each number by 3 to get the individual serving values!):
      1.5 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk
      60 calories
      6g fat
      270mg sodium
      285mp potassium
      3g carbs
      1.5g fiber
      0g sugar
      1.5g protein

      2 ripe medium bananas
      calories 210
      0g fat
      2mg sodium
      844mg potassium
      54g carbs
      6g fiber
      28g sugar
      2g protein

      2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
      20 calories
      2g fat
      0mg sodium
      0mg potassium
      6g carbs
      4g fiber
      0g sugar
      2g protein

  13. I drink Oatly chocolate milk at night, warmed in a saucepan, but
    for day to day milk, I use almond or sweetened soya milk. Spoilt for choice!
    Whats super nice is frozen low fat yogurt, banana and dates.

    • I’ve never tried Oatly brand! I’ll have to check it out! :) Frozen yogurt, bananas and dates sounds wonderful too. Thank you for sharing! :D

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    • Yess!! They work great as popsicles! I’m so glad you and your kiddos enjoyed them! :D

  15. The other day I needed some almond milk and ran down to the really small store down the street. They didn’t have regular almond milk, but had a almond/coconut milk. I want to say it was Almond Breeze, but the container is at work so I’m not 100% sure. It was absolutely AMAZING on my Honey Nut Shredded Wheat cereal.

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  20. I love this recipe! I used chocolate flavored protein powder for a little extra boost, instead of regular cocoa. It’s so good!

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  24. I used coconut milk and a dash of maple syrup (naughty but yum!) and take it to work with me, as its my kick start for my early morning starts :)

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  31. This sounds delicious, can’t wait to try it! I was wondering, what kind of cocoa powder do you use (or suggest)?